Most Reliable 5 iOS App Development Trends To Remember in 2018

Most Reliable 5 iOS App Development Trends To Remember in 2018

Below are some iOS app development trends need to follow.

1. Best Features of iOS Apps Meant For Enterprises

As per statistics, more than 50% of American companies were expected to invest in over 10 dedicated applications from the start of 2018. This trend opens up umpteen doors to iOS app developers who need to grab every opportunity that comes their way. The rising popularity of Enterprise app development will unleash the potential of iOS app development companies to pull up their socks.

2. Top Trends Internet of Things

The launch of Apple’s iOS 11 in 2017 opened up newer avenues for IoT and this trend is expected to continue way into 2018 as well. Addressing the much-needed security issues concerning the connectivity of IoT devices to smartphones, iPhones have steadily become the future-ready devices. Given the prominence of security-centric systems in our day-to-day transactions, the day is not far when iOS app development will unleash the potential of connected solutions that have become a part and parcel of our normal daily routines. It is hence the need of the hour for iOS app developers to stay abreast with this trend that will smoothen a number of rough edges concerning IoT system security.

3. The Popularity of Cloud-Based Software

When your apps are integrated with cloud-based technologies, you will be added to new flavors. Given the fact that cloud-based apps on iPhones demand less of storage space, you will be in a favorable position to improve the storage of your smartphone without draining your internal memory. This naturally comes as a blessing to smartphone users who will bank upon the Cloud-centric technologies to install and use apps. iPhone lovers in 2018 can make the most of free Cloud Storage apps that are available on Apple iCloud which stores backed up your pictures and photos for 1 month.

4. The Favor of Mobile Transactions and Payments

E-commerce portals have steadily the replaced the mundane brick and mortar stores with an air of convenience and easy payment terms. Bidding adieu to the conventional card and cash payments, mobile payments have gained popularity as the safest and fastest means for successful transactions. Apple which has come up with Apple Pay as its efficient mobile payment gateway is poised to attract the attention of all the iPhone lovers in the year 2018 as well.

5. Unwritten Promise of Security

All the bigwigs in the technological sphere, including Apple, have been striving hard to secure their mobile data from security threats. In view of this pressing concern that impacts the performance of global companies, Apple stepped in to offer an application development platform that is in sync with the latest data security requirements. The year 2018 will hence see the implementation of innovative and cutting-edge data encryption practices. This trend will hence make iOS app developers make securing the core element of their mobile applications.

Final Thought

Today, these iPhone & iOS Development will also fuel the profitability of an iOS app development company which relies on the technical expertise of its iOS app development services. This team of professionals will hence become the heart and soul of every iOS app that you download and install from Apple’s iStore.

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