Main 5 Factors Why Your App Could be Rejected By iOS App Store

Main 5 Factors Why Your App Could be Rejected By iOS App Store

Discussed concerning the prime suspects, why an app is rejected by iOS App Store.

1. Bugs and Unfinished Versions

Apple employs one in all the most important teams of engineers, checkers and QA professionals that test and validate every app that’s submitted to the App Store. As per Apple, bugs and unfinished apps with broken functionality, inaccurate data are the highest reason for app rejection, the tributary to over a 200th of total rejections. Completeness of the app includes key tips admire compulsory having a support link designed into your app, the presence of information admire version history, company data, app functionality, etc.

2. App Crashes

This is the second-biggest reason for app rejection. Apple includes a terribly low tolerance for apps that crash during testing and review, and frequently, such apps are rejected directly. Apple’s well-defined testing method puts your app through multiple testing things as well as most synchronic incoming connections, multiple touches, etc. If you’ve not anticipated for such situations, your app could be in trouble!

3. Inconsistent UI / UX

Though Android continues to be the leader in the smartphone market with a 70%+ market share, are and user expertise area unit areas wherever iOS has been constantly rated above Google’s mobile OS. It is, therefore, no surprise that Apple has strict tips around the look and feel of apps on the App Store the highest left corner should always house the rear button, controls should always be clear and visual, menus ought to ideally be placed at all-time low on the screen are just a few of the rules that Apple takes seriously and flouting these might lead to your app getting rejected!

4. Abnormally long load times

As per Apple’s standards, any app that takes more than fifteen seconds to load from scratch may be a candidate for rejection as a result of users aren’t expected to attend for extended than that time length keep in mind that Apple expects your app to own continuing loading all its information into the RAM, established connections to back-end databases and have the homepage prepared for user interaction in around fifteen seconds.

5. Not caring regarding user Privacy

User privacy is of utmost importance to any mobile company and any app that doesn’t place enough protection in place to stop privacy incidents or actively tries to misuse confidential user information is incredibly doubtless to be rejected by the App Store this suggests that your app should have a privacy policy and should not utilize user data while not expressly informing the top user. Another prime example of this can be the iOS advertising symbol that mandates that to safeguard user privacy, user details must not ever be tracked right down to specifics admire devices and accounts.

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