Main 10 Health & Fitness Mobile App Development Services in America

Main 10 Health & Fitness Mobile App Development Services in America

Below are the top 10 health and fitness mobile app development services in the United States.

Doctor On Demand

Mobile application developer involved with the design of this particular application, ‘Doctor On Demand’ has rightfully chosen the name for the app. This particular application offers the availability of doctors right on-demand near to your location ready with their remedies through live video streaming. Installation of the application cut-short the endless waiting hours for the appointment.


This particular application brings home licensed health professionals right at your home. Booking appointments with medical aids on the application at affordable rates with no hidden clauses attached.


Pregnancy is quite a vulnerable stage for the would-be mothers but this app can be your personal aid when you get your first baby bump. Tracking through the different stages of pregnancy and recording the different moods, book doctor appointments and post pictures on social media sites.


Medicines, as prescribed, are often hard to find in local medicine shops. But the smartphone can address your crisis by presenting you different drugs at affordable prices. Compare their price with the local stores and purchase drugs from across 75000 pharmacies listed here at the reasonable bargain. Additional information fed into the app for the benefit of the buyers.

Main 10 Health & Fitness Mobile App Development Services in America

Zombies, Run!

The name taken is undoubtedly quite an interesting one. The Hollywood Science flicks portrayed the very fact that you need to run when Zombies attack. The concept behind this application is to make all those obese users run miles to shed extra weight on their bodies. The content is engaging to make the exercise fun-filled. Both the Android and the iOS users can install this app.


A virtual advocate for patients who suffer or are diagnosed with cancer. It is definitely the most helpful mHealth application to optimize the chemotherapy process, record actionable insights and find valuable patterns such that the painful journey is made easier. Patients can actually benefit from such a helpful application. But it is only available for iOS users.


The pain of waiting for the doctor for the checkup can be cut out if this application has been installed already. Booking appointments with the choicest medical personnel and get checked up smoothly. Just register as a patient and you can avail the professional’s service as and when required.

WebMD App

Another application designed for both the Android and iOS users, WebMD promotes healthy living and offers health inputs as reviewed by experienced physicians. Match your ailments with the mentioned symptoms to access the common maladies listed right on the application.

DeepMind Health

This application offers professional guidance to amateur users with basics on giving first aids and symptoms checker to match with the said ailments. The app diminishes the need to visit doctors for such purposes, which can be easily catered to by the application.


Bringing clinical trials right within the constricted dimension of your smartphone through Nora to make them less painful. It is less painful, inexpensive and patient-centric. There is no need to visit clinics but stick to your home for the same with the help of this app which is soon to be launched in 2018.

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