How to Learn Android App Development

How to Learn Android App Development

Following are the topics which are the most important for Android App Development

First of all, you must have a basic knowledge of Java language for Android Development. I have learned Java language from the Head-First Java book. Get the book from here.

Set up Android Studio IDE of Android Development on your PC or Laptop. When you are comfortable with Java, take a course or any book on Android app development with which you are comfortable. Being comfortable with the course or the book is very very important. When you take the course or read the book, always apply that on a sample app. I mean to say that build something on whatever you read.

  • Learn about the Android activity LifeCycle.
  • Learn about debugging an Android Application step by step.
  • Learn about screen navigation.
  • Learn about Shared Preferences.
  • Learn about Recycler View in Android.
  • Learn about Fragment in Android.
  • Learn about ViewPager in Android.
  • Learn about Dialog, Dialog Fragments.
  • Learn about basic threading.
  • Learn about 3rd party libraries.
  • Learn about Networking in Android applications.
  • Learn about Database and ORM.
  • Learn about Service, IntentService.
  • Learn about the Android Sensors, GPS, Acceleration.
  • Learn about Handler in Android.
  • Learn about ThreadPool Executor.
  • Learn detecting and fixing memory leaks in android.
  • Learn about Notification.
  • Learn about Loaders.
  • Learn about Content Provider.
  • Learn about Orientation Changes.
  • Learn Kotlin and its important for coding.
  • Learn about the dependency injection, Dagger.
  • Learn about MVP architecture.
  • Learn about Android Code Style and Guidelines.
  • Learn about annotations in Android.
  • How to reduce APK size in android?

These are the point should know all android app developers. All the points keep in minds when you working on android app development.

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