How Can An Enterprise App Store Help Your Business?

How Can An Enterprise App Store Help Your Business?

The Enterprise App Store Benefits are

1. Fosters Mobile App Adoption

For an enterprise that has invested in building custom enterprise apps, it is important that its employees utilize these apps. Placing your custom-built apps on a public app store may affect your apps’ visibility as they compete with over a million other apps on that store. Instead, a corporate app store is adopted by everyone within the enterprise. All the custom and enterprise-approved apps are stored in a single location facilitating easier app discovery and drastic increase in mobile app adoption. An in-house app store also boosts productivity as employees do not spend time looking for required apps elsewhere.

2. Reduces Cost & Price

With everything in one place – from applications and administration to maintenance – you require less IT resources to keep things updated or figure out what caused a system crash. The centralized software distribution and management through the app store can provide you with complete control over the usage and license information while allowing you to negotiate better deals with your vendors. The reduced costs and better license terms result in substantial savings and an improved ROI.

3. Strengthens Security & Protection

Security is a top priority for many enterprises around the globe. But managing the security of the employee-owned devices is difficult. Also, placing your apps on an unauthorized network can drive potential security risks. In such a case, an enterprise mobile app store stores all your assets in one place and lets you access, manage and maintain them, leaving lesser or no scope for security threats and attacks.

How Can An Enterprise App Store Help Your Business

Take Our Word

The idea of employing a wide range of devices, both owned by employees and the enterprise, may seem appealing at first. But it is the data that matters more than devices. An enterprise app store cuts right to the heart of your hardware and security problems.

Launching your own app store will not only help you provide apps that safeguard your business data in transit and at rest but also have a trusted location for your apps that encourage employees to conform with organizational policies.

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