An Explanation for Exactly why Kashmir is called Heaven On the Earth?

An Explanation for Exactly why Kashmir is called Heaven On the Earth?

Kashmir is considered to be the heaven on earth because of its beauty that features rivers, mountains, temples, major markets, garden, life or forests and everything that a traveler need. Indeed, natural depression of Kashmir is set between the mountain chain of India and therefore the Pir Panjal mountain chain. Jammu and Kashmir are that the north state of India. Jammu is legendary for its natural beauty, ancient temples, Hindu nonsecular sites, palaces, gardens, and kilos. Given Paradise on Earth, the mountainous landscape of Kashmir has been attracting tourists for hundreds of years. this is often one in every of the chief traveler destinations of India. the most vital places to explore in Jammu and Kashmira|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} are Srinagar, Mughal Gardens, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yusargarg and Mughal Gardens, Leh and Ladakh, Dal Lake, etc. However, thanks to an insurrection, the business is badly affected.


Kashmir has several legends. there’s an ancient story that it absolutely was a lake before, wherever Kashmir stands currently. an evil presence wont to live in the lake and created bother for humanity. He was shortly killed by immortal Parvati with Maharshi Kashyap. it’s same that the immortal and Kashyap drained the water out from the lake to seek out out the spirit, and therefore the land mass that was then left is today’s Kashmir.

Kashmir has recollections of each Hindu and Muslim rulers. Later on, the Sikhs even have dominated the land until the emergence of Brits in India. the many accounts of Buddhism and Maurya Emperor Ashoka have improved Kashmir’s history.

Today, Jammu and Kashmir is featheredged by the Republic of China in its northeast (Aksai Chin and also the Trans-Karakoram Tract), The Islamic Republic of Pakistan within the west that they need to name Azad Kashmira|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} and Gilgit–Baltistan; the remainder are protected by the Indian Army. however no matter could also be the explanation behind the political unrests and tensions within the borders, it couldn’t demoralize the spirit of the tourists to explore Kashmir all throughout the year.

Top Attractions

Your trip to Kashmir can stay incomplete while not achievement the looking at throughout the tour. Here we’ve picked a number of the highest listed attractions in Kashmir that you just can’t afford to miss.

Kashmir is that the land of flowers within the spring and snow in the winter. you will have a sense that living within the houseboats and voyaging within the shikhara is the ultimate to explore in the geographical area. however solely when exploring the splendid rubber-necking you’ll comprehend why Kashmir is that the Switzerland of India?


Sonamarg suggests that the grassland of Gold- is found on the Srinagar Ladakh route at a distance of two hours drive from Srinagar. This place is well-known to tourists for the Thajiwas glacier. Besides, travelers will get an opportunity to hike up the ice mass to relish the fun of trekking and explore the spectacular great thing about Sonamarg in total five hours. If you’re not willing to trek or have old members of the family with you, then you’ll rent the horse services that may charge you authority 600 per person approx. Here you absolve to discount exhausting for the most effective deal. This has been one in every of the most well-liked movie industry shooting spots for many years. Staying at Sonamarg is the most effective possibility for honeymooners. There are plush hotels and resorts among that Ahsan Mount Resort and edifice Snowland be special mention. Here you’ll relish Swiss people tents to clamp.


Locally, this is often referred to as the Land of Shepherds, a three-hour drive from the town of Srinagar. The Amarnath Yatra pilgrims depart from here. july and August stay thronged as this is often the time of the Yatra to Amarnath Ji.

An Explanation for Exactly why Kashmir is called Heaven On the Earth

Tourists relish the beautiful read of the Betaab depression that was named when a celebrated screenland film “Betaab”, beside the murmuring watercourse Lidder and therefore the cover mountains bordering the depression. you’ll take the vehicle up to a precise purpose within the Betaab depression. From there you may either need to rent a neighborhood mode of transportation say an automobile as an alternative need to trek. they’re going to charge you authority ten to enter the depression.


The which means of Gulmarg is “Meadow of Flowers”, is that the ideal resort of Kashmir. in mere a 2 hour drive from east Srinagar, you’ll reach Gulmarg. If you’re not a “ski” person, you’ll trek to 13,000 feet up to Mount Apharwat to witness the spectacular panoramic views from the highest.

The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa set in Gulmarg is one in every of the highest ten Himalayan Spa Resorts.

Some other high attractions of Kashmir are-

Charar-i-Sharief and Yousmarg, Dal Lake, Nagin Lake, Gulmarg Gondola, Zozila Pass, Kheer Bhawani Mandir, Shankaracharya Hills, Indira Gandhi liliaceous plant Garden, Mughal Gardens, Thajiwas glacier, Sinthan high and plenty of a lot of.

Dal Lake – The Hazrat Bahm masjid situated on the banks of the celebrated decalitre Lake, should be seen here. Charar-e-Sharif is one in every of the oldest and most revered nonsecular places in Kashmir. This nonsecular place, set at a distance of Srinagar, was made in memory of a celebrated Kashmiri Sufi saint Nuruddin.

Jhelum River– Khankah Shah Shahjahan set on the banks of this is often another traveler destination. the most options of this embrace nude bells and graven leaves. This nonsecular website was made by Alexander in 1835.

Temple of Kheer Bhawani – twenty-seven kilometers from Srinagar may be a temple of Kheer Bhavani. This temple was engineered by maharajah Pratap Singh. This temple includes a sculpture of Hindu immortal Ragnya. it’s believed that Shri Ram Chandra used this temple as a place of worship at the time of his exile. only 1 Indian sweet kheer and milk are offered by devotees during this temple.

Shankaracharya Temple– Shankaracharya Temple is set on a high hill. this is often another traveler destination of Kashmir. This temple attracts several tourists. it’s set to close to the town of Anantnag in Kashmir. This temple was designed by Raja Lalitaditya of the Sun dynasty.

Shiv Khori – The natural cave of Shiv Khori is understood for its natural variety of Shivling that is that the symbolic variety of the Hindu god Shiva of Destruction. it’s set a hundred kilometers from Jammu. footage of Hindu snake immortal Sheshnag is seen on the roof of the cave. A cavity is seen within the center of the cave, that may be an image of Shiva Ji or tangled hair.

Soothing Garden – Shalimar Garden, that was engineered by Emperor Jahangir for his adult female Noor, is additionally highly regarded. The Garden of affection set here is additionally terribly celebrated. there’s a lake in it, the middle of the black stone at the middle. lightweight and music show organized during this garden attract several tourists.

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