7 Must Needed Technical skills to Hire Android App Programmers

7 Must Needed Technical skills to Hire Android App Programmers

Following are the 7 must have technical skills your choice of Android Application Programmers must possess for developing a high ROI application.

1. Java Programming Language

An Android App Programmers must be well skill with Java Programming Language as it is the basic requirement for developing path-breaking Android Apps. The android app developer should be proficient with the syntax of Java and basic programming structures. You must be well aware of lists, loops, and variable and object-oriented concepts to be able to program a functionally powerful app.

2. Structured Query Language (SQL)

Most of the utility, e-commerce, banking and other important applications are dependent on databases. Structured Query Language or SQL has a set of instructions which is used to interact with relational databases. SQL can retrieve a lot of records from a database quickly and efficiently. For an Android programmer, SQL will help in managing the databases that are the back-end of android application development.

3. JavaScript

It is a full-fledged programming language that can provide dynamic interactivity on websites. It provides functionality such as dynamically creating HTML and setting CSS styles, collecting and manipulating a video stream from user’s webcam, or generating 3D graphics and audio samples. It has functionality that includes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) built into a web browser and third party APIs to incorporate functionality in their sites from other content providers such as Twitter or Facebook.

4. Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

Android SDK is modules of Java code which facilitates accessing device functions such as accelerometer and camera. Android SDK has a strong documentation with plenty of examples that helps in understanding it. It is very basic language an every Android app development companies team member know about that when you work on android app developers.

5. Android Studio

Android Studio provides tools which support swift development of apps on every type of Android app device. It is Integrated Development Environment for Android which helps in code editing, debugging, performance tooling provides a flexible build system and an instant build system. Android app development Studio offers a feature rich emulator which can test your App on virtually any Android device configuration.

6. Git

Git is a version control system which records changes to a file or set of files over time. It allows recalling specific versions later. It is used for software development and has a distributed revision control system which is aimed at speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, nonlinear workflows.

7. Xamarin

It is a cross-platform development tool that let developers build native, Android and Windows app using a single shared C# code-base. For an Android Application programmer, cross-platform development skill will help in delivering apps on different platforms as building platform specific apps can lose out on the user base of other platforms. Xamarin includes native API access, forms interface for sharing code, ability to add components directly from an interface and integration with back-ends such as Microsoft Azure, Parse, and SAP.

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